Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bike Maintenance Tip


  1. Ah, "Raging Bull" sans the raging. The new olympian male sans EPOs?

  2. Sir,
    You should know that you have included a link to a libelous blog that is just about to become a case in civil court here in Florida (regarding libel and defamation of character). You have allowed the McInnes Stalker link on your site so you have been drawn into the lawsuit either wittingly or unwittingly. I just wanted to make you aware of you role in this pending legal case. Thank you.

  3. Sir,
    This is to make you aware that you have either wittingly or unwittingly been drawn into a legal suit involving libel and defamation of character. By allowing the McInnes Stalker blog link on your site you have included yourself in the pending case here in civil court. I thought it only fair you should know. Thank you.


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