Saturday, December 12, 2009

Silent Cowbell

Raining in Los Angeles today. In Bend, Oregon, where the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships are taking place, the temperatures are butt-ass cold, as my old buddy Professor Sherkat used to say, and the riders are slipping on the ice and breaking bones and in general having a tough go of things. Honestly, I've only raced in conditions like that a couple of times - two races, two years ago, at Cross Nationals in Kansas City - and I hated it and ended up riding as slowly as possible on the ice - during the goddam national championships! - so I wouldn't fall and get hurt. Pathetic, if you think about it. Last year, I went to Cross Nationals and didn't race. I hadn't been training or racing all last fall, et cetera. But I had fun ringing the cowbell and blowing the horn and all that good stuff. And fuck if I'm not dying inside today that I'm not in Bend, hollering at racers from the lazy side of the course tape.

Anyhow, on Sunday, December 20, there's another cross race in L.A. I'm gonna put on my pumpkin suit and roll up to the starting line.

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  1. Do it! Man, I'm so fucked. Got the swine flu, and I haven't even been on the trainer in a week. I haven't even stepped outside in six days (I would have today, but Alison bought me beer). But, I've been workin' the net and was awarded one of the most high honors in International Culture. My post on the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change led to the recognition that Danish hookers were saving planet was officially deemed the second miracle of Zappadan by the International Society for Zappa Studies, conferred by the honorable Fried Green Al Quedas.....


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