Thursday, February 4, 2010

Technical Failures, Whining As A Way Of Life

You may well ask what the hell happened to the random picture that bears no relation to the text that appears underneath it? You may say, “Mag, have you really gotten so goddam lazy in your forty-sixth year that you can’t step outside and take a stupid, probably blurry snapshot and go back inside, download the picture on to your laptop and upload it to Mag’s Sentence?” I may respond with some friendly, loving remarks of this nature: “If you’re so great, why don’t you try it?” You obviously are trying it – most everybody these days is – and the chances of you living a more efficient and artworthy life than me are vast indeed.

That reminds me of something that’s occurring to me a lot lately. Hey, if you’re better than me, I think that’s great. I admire whatever you’re up to. You know what I’m talking about? We spend too much time on a who’s-better-than-somebody-else level. Like I’ve actually heard this question: Who’s a better guitarist? Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix? The only correct answer: Who fucking cares?

So wait: where's the useless, artless picture to go along with this post?

Okay, I had meant, first, to post a remix of one of my original Xtranormal videos today and then make a few announcements about several neato upcoming programming changes here at Mag’s Sentence. But wouldn’t you know it: Xtranormal has been puking the last few days, and I can’t access my account to access the remix. I had a long talk with myself and decided that this was going to be difficult, but I was going to proceed today without a visual aid.

Anyway, announcements.

Xtranormal videos. I’ve made something in the range of twenty-five of those things, and I’ve had way too much fun in the process, but for the time being – a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe two months – I’m going to set them aside and wander in some other crazy creative directions.

Posting schedule. I’ve been doing my best to post seven days a week since Mag’s Sentence started. I’m not sure why the daily format, except for I’m a freak, I guess. For purposes, therefore, of getting my freak under control, I’m going to back off to five posts a week. On weekends, if you still feel like dropping by, I’ll be linking to interesting videos, blogs, and news items produced by people with much more intelligent points of view than me. As always, I appreciate that you visit this place. And I owe you bigtime.

Ass problems. A number of you have written me wondering what’s up with my celiac-ravaged gastric system. I’m feeling much better now, thank you very much, because I’m flat-out banning gluten from my life. The last few days, I’ve been able to ride my bike without difficultly, and just last evening, I ate three bowels of some killer chicken chili at my buddy Seth’s house – lots of beans in there – and I am pleased to report that my system absorbed this and has produced nary a toot. Can I get an Amen on this?

All right then. Come back tomorrow for a spectacular Superbowl edition of Life Sentences. I’m like totally sure you can’t wait.

Happy riding and writing.

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