Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Shit #1

See the ‘g’ in the lower left corner? That doesn’t mean ‘G’ in the old-school rapper way that the white kids in Iowa have never understood in the first place. The ‘g’ means this product is safe for Celiac sufferers. The ‘g’ means Mag can consume what’s inside and not have it emerge from his ass in increments over the course of a entire weekend reading of Anna Karenina.

‘g’. ‘Gluten-free.’ Fuck. This shit is good, though. Not as a good as a Five Dollar Goddam Footlong from Subway. But it’s still goddam good. $2.99 a bag. I am dipping one of these fuckers in tahini right now and for forever and ever, amen.

Verdict on TRADER JOE'S THIN MINI EDAMAME CRACKERS: Serve early and often during March Madness.

Point: “When there’s nothing bad to say, there’s nothing to say.” – Lao ‘G-motherfucker’ Tzu.

Counterpoint: “Something’s fucked up with these elephants.” - ‘G’ Hannibal, citizen of Carthage.

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  1. Sorry for your loss, Coach... Heckawee will be serving Tostitos Hint of Lime with Molteni Salsa all of March.


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