Sunday, January 31, 2010

Following Up On The Underside

This week’s been hard for me, as you know, on account of some soft-tissue issues that are either going to sort themselves out or they aren’t. In the meantime, I’m saddling up and taking the tissues for a test ride, just to see how things are progressing, and when I get back from my ride – if I get back, that is – I’m spending the rest of the day on a super-secret and ultra-pointless writing project, which is the kind of writing project I like best.

I’ll be back with new Mag’s Sentence stuff tomorrow.

For the moment, I’ll close with a ridiculous motivational quote a number of cyclists have been passing around this week: “Success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work…concentrate on the work and allow the rewards to come, or not come.” I guess a genuine joy-bundle named S. Pressfield wrote that or said that or whatever.

Please don’t take heed to that kind of Pure-D bullshit, people. Be happy first, then worry about your work.

Happy riding and writing, everyone.

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