Monday, January 25, 2010


When you get right down to it – and why in the fuck should we not get right down to it? – the corporate types who are motivated by pictures and slogans and so forth are probably more busy kissing ass and giving the appearance of being motivated than they are actually being motivated by the posters in their office halls. My view: nobody is stupid enough to look at a picture of a bald eagle paired with the word STRENGTH and then decide to have a great day on the telephones at work. Or a picture of a tall tree paired with the word POWER. Or a picture of a mouse ass-reaming a dead mouse in a trap paired with the word WEALTH. Or maybe this has nothing to do with intelligence. Maybe we’re looking at a different-strokes-for-different folks situation. Maybe a certain type of person needs a simple word, something on which to focus, in order find courage to suffer through yet another long day endeavoring to make somebody else rich. I don’t know. One word never motivates me. One word means too many things.

CHICKEN, for instance.

Think about it.

See what I mean? Maybe you don’t. Sorry.

Today, CONSISTENCY rankles me in some way – in the as-a-concept way, of course. When I started Mag’s Sentence, I did so by establishing a couple of parameters, chief of which was that I would avoid confining myself within parameters, which meant that I would steadfastly refuse to confine myself within one identity, one area of interest. Most blogs by writers are in some way centered around selling the books of the writer or, worse, they are exclusively about writing, and if you’re not a writer, writerly matters are as boring as attending three straight performances of Madame Butterfly by the University of Northern Northwest North Dakota Amateur Opera Society. And cycling blogs? You’d think the authors of these things really do have nothing on their minds but things with two wheels, which is capital-B Boring. Odd note: The other day, Lance Armstrong said in an interview that all Alberto Contador thinks about, from the moment he wakes till the moment he falls asleep, is cycling, and when I read that I couldn’t help thinking that Contador must easily be the dullest person in the entire world, even duller than the 18th Century British Literature Faculty at UNNND. Who cares if Contador is fast? We’ve got life to live over here!

Oh yeah. CONSISTENCY. Fuck it. I don’t want to fall into that shithole of the mind.

Speaking of which, look at that beautiful terrain in the picture above. Is that occasion for poetry or for cycling or for maybe cracking a bottle of wine and contemplating the meaning of things?


  1. Looks like some of those houses in the photo might have been built by guys who had cracked a few bottles of something. Or, is it all in eyes of the perceiver?

  2. Ah well, thanks for the invite, and yes ... poetry and cycling %-)


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