Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Voices of Wisconsin: A Short Film

Hey, folks. It's been a long time. I have been in retirement from my brief, hyperactive attempt at blogging last year. I should apologize for this, but then again, I have been doing some writing that requires more of my attention than the good-natured fun we're having here!

Meantime, I am now living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and as some of you know, I am from Wisconsin and speak with a Wisconsin dialect and all the fiction I have ever written takes place in Wisconsin. Needless to say, the recent political upheaval in Wisconsin has very been on my mind. My official stance on this: I am opposed to Governor Walker's policies and his behavior in office so far, and I wish to God that he would listen to the people in his state and quit acting like he can smack them around with a baseball bat and not suffer the consequences.

Last week, in any case, I produced a short film here in Oshkosh about some real consequences public sector workers and their clients will suffer without collective bargaining rights and without the funding to perform their absolutely necessary jobs in this community. Seth Townsend, my good friend and sometime screenwriting partner, flew out from Los Angeles to direct this film, and the incredibly talented Chris Cowell flew out from L.A. to run the camera and to spend the long hours required to edit this film. I can't possibly thank Seth and Chris enough for their help and committment and enuthsiasm for this project.

Meantime, if this film moves you, please pass it on!

I am including a High Rez Vimeo version (awesome) and an HD YouTube version (easier to share with your friends).

And oh yeah, I reserve the right to fire up this blog again, but I probably will talk about more than just bikes and grammar?

Love you.


  1. Your not a bad film-maker Mag, creative in all the fields,)

  2. Hey Mike,
    I'm racing the NWA Spring Classic in the morning. Now 53, smoke free for 3 years, drug and alcohol free for 21. I'm re-reading your book, Heft on Wheels. Odd perhaps, but this is the third time I have read it since it came out in 2004. Just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I hope you are well. Take care man,
    Rickie Rainwater

  3. Ditto Rickie!

    I've read your book each winter as a motivator in the off season. It's a true inspiration! I have tried to find a legit translation for...

    Allez, allez, allez.
    Vite, vite.

    I figured best ask the author. cheers!

    M. Storm

  4. Allez = go!

    Vite = quickly or faster

    Allons-y = let's go


  5. Very nice. Thanks for doing this.

  6. Nice job Mike. I made a film in Wisconsin too. And I just started reading your book "The Right Man for the Job".

    Mike Matzdorff


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